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A very special Design My Room®!

Getting ready to do a Design My Room® is so exciting, it takes a lot of preparation to make sure the room really fits the theme that the teen has chosen. Last week we did a Design My Room® at CS Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor for our new friend, Spencer. See, Spencer was born with a congenital heart defect and has had numerous open heart surgeries and has spent so much time in the hospital, but this time is different. He is waiting for a heart transplant, this could take months and it is a very critical time for him to keep healthy and stable while waiting for his new heart.

I decided the enlist one of our teens, Trevor to help me design Spencer’s room, Trevor himself is a heart transplant recipient! He got to know Spencer when he was just recently in the hospital and he wanted Wish Upon a Teen to design his room! I love when teen help other teens! Trevor came over to our office a couple weeks ago and we ordered everything for his room. Spencer’s theme was that he wanted it be like his room at home! So last week on Wednesday, November 2nd,Trevor and I went to Mott Hospital to decorate. I was so happy I got to meet Spencer and his mom before he left his room for physical therapy.

So let the decorating begin! Trevor and I worked together for about 30 minutes to transform his hospital room with new comforter, sheets, rug ( the one thing he REALLY wanted), pillow, plastic organization cubes and shelves, pajamas,games and some WUaT goodies. It is the best 30 minutes ever, being able to make a difference in a teens life while they are going through a difficult journey.

But the biggest news is that today, November 9th, Spencer posted on social media that a new heart was found for him!! so today he gets his new heart!! Please keep him and his family in your thoughts. You got this Spencer!

Have you ever wanted to get involved? For more information about sponsoring a room or helping decorate rooms for the DMR® program, contact me today!

Thanks for reading,


WUaT Executive Director

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