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design my roomDesign My Room is one of Wish Upon a Teen’s premier programs for teens who have to endure a long hospital stay while battling a life threatening illness. The mission of this program is to create a comfortable, relaxed environment in a teen’s hospital room. Frequently teenagers dealing with a serious medical diagnosis will endure long term hospital stays in order to accommodate surgeries, medical procedures, chemo therapies, radiations and all too often complications resolution for one or more of the above. These long-term hospitalizations can have a very negative impact on a teenager and their families. At a time when the young person yearns for the comfort of their home and possessions they are instead stuck in a sterile hospital room for up to months at a time. Design My Room works to make a hospital room feel more like home for the teenager.

Thanks to a partnership with local hospitals around the country, Wish Upon a Teen is able to gain access to the teenager’s hospital room and to decorate (within the guidelines of the hospital) the room to feel more like home. This can include bringing in new fresh bedding, rugs, posters and even movie or sports memorabilia. Once the teen is discharged and ready to return home they are able to take all of the items home with them – allowing them to put them up back at home as they see fit!

This seemingly simple event can have a lasting effect on a teenager and the family. Not only does a teenager feel more content in their own space, but also their ability to relax often allows mom or dad the ability to take a moment to step back, go home and shower or even check on brothers and sisters at home.

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