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Design My Room

design my roomDesign My Room is one an exclusive Wish Upon a Teen’s program for teens facing extended hospitalization while battling a life- threatening illness. These young people frequently endure surgeries, medical procedures, chemo/radiation therapy and the debilitating side effects of these treatments. At a time when they yearn most for the comfort of their own home and possessions, they are instead stuck in a sterile hospital room for up to months at a time. The mission of Design My Room is to create a comfortable, relaxed environment in a teen’s hospital room, making it feel more like “home.”

Thanks to partnerships with hospitals around the country, Wish Upon a Teen is given access to the teenager’s hospital room and allowed to decorate the room (within the guidelines of the facility) making it feel more comforting and relaxing. This can include bringing in new fresh bedding, rugs, posters and even movie or sports memorabilia. Not only does this have a remarkably positive impact on a teenager’s sense of well-being, but it also gives parent the confidence to take a respite break to address personal needs outside of the hospital. And, once the teen is ready to return home, they are able to take all of the decor items with them to use however they desire.

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