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What Are We About?

As we all know and remember, the teen years are filled with challenges of self-identity, body-image, confidence, and confusion about the future. Teenagers are navigating the (sometimes turbulent) waters leading from childhood to adulthood, and for most that time can be difficult with no other external stressors present.

Teenagers facing physical or mental health challenges have an especially difficult time coping. In effect, the combination of normal teenage stressors plus the impact of chronic illness, abuse, or neglect on self-esteem can make the normal transition to adulthood either difficult, delayed, or impossible.

Wish Upon a Teen was founded in 2011 to make a difference in the lives of these challenged teens one life at a time. Our mission is to provide resources, time, and opportunities to teenagers dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or recovering from injury or chronic illness. Through creative and interactive social and educational events, these teens will rediscover and rebuild their self-esteem as they continue their journey to adulthood.

Critics agree Wish’s Derby is a hit!

“A heartwarming book about a horse that needs acceptance for being different. Wish shows us that if you just wish hard enough anything is possible.”
- Rupert Isaacson (Horse Boy World and author, The Horse Boy)

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From Award-Winning Horse Trainer Carl O’Callaghan…

wishs derby…comes a heartwarming, uplifting children’s book about the power of believing in your dreams. Wish’s Derby tells the story of Wish, a horse with an autism spectrum disorder, who is teased and taunted by the other horses at Irish Stables. They call him weird because he finds it hard to follow directions, doesn’t always understand their jokes, and has trouble making eye contact when they’re talking to him. His only friend is the barn goat, Ruben, who insists that Wish is not weird at all, just quirky.

But when the star horse at Irish Stables is injured during training for the Woodward Derby, Wish must rise to the challenge and race in his place. Although he’s worried about letting Carl down, he’s determined to try and do his best. It will take hard work, determination, and a lot of courage but with the support and encouragement of Carl and Ruben, Wish knows that it’s his time to fulfill the dreams he has always had in his heart.

100% of the proceed of this book will be donated to Wish Upon a Teen to help maintain programming for teens with life-threatening or chronic illness and teens on the autistic spectrum.

Get yours today for only $19.99 including shipping & handling!

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